After sending your forms and I.D. back to us we will verify your Doctor's forms with the office. Once you're verified you can then come in, we will then give you a tour of the establishment and products and let you in to purchase. Please bring your California I.D. and Doctors Form/Card every time you come to purchase, we need to establish who you are when you come into our building and that you are a Prop 215 Patient. Thank You!

Please make sure to never park in the neighbors parking lot. Coldwell banker parking lot is big and inviting but unfortunately we can not utilize this area. There is 4 Parking spots directly behind our building along with parking out front and all around the block. We thank you for following our policy as we try to keep the peace with our neighbors. Thank You!

Below is our Membership intake forms slideshow. Please click the button below the slide to download our intake forms,  fill them out and you can then send them to along with a copy of your Doctors Recommendation and California ID and we'll register you! Get your forms below!

1. Download Intake Forms and fill them out.

2. Scan forms, Doctor's Recommendation and California ID into your computer.

3. Send them to 

Membership Intake forms